Saturday, October 9, 2010

Minister of Education, India

Mr. Kapil Sibbal
Minister of Education, India

Sub: making use of CWG Sports facility into Indian International Sports University

......Dear sir;
In India, the Government system has had a legacy of colonial (mindset of ruler-ruled), and failed in understanding developmental needs of its people. After 60 years of independent statehood, any act of state is none more than a 'show off' as against a genuine expression of self development. Against all odds, India somehow could manage itself to emerge as a noticeable actor in the field of sports, and yet .... the Babu's (government IAS/ politicians) still consider our sportsmen, like beggars. For instance, in CWG, the foreign media (BBC) had to give a 'kick ass start' to the Indian government, providing it the insult it deserved, in a mood to treat foreign sportsmen like it used to treat Indian sportsmen. Time has now come that mindset of Government needs to change and it must respect sportsmen of India in a similar way, as any international citizen with same potential.

I have reflected upon this mindset of those, and fear that after 13 days of CWG games, it will have a new game to plunder CWG games village, stadia, hospital and gymnasium and media centre for their personal grab. Power and politics will finish off the properties built with public finance as it was already with Asiad Games.

As a Minister of Education, you need to have a national responsibility and must show a courage to bring up the following proposal to the cabinet:

1. All facilities created by CWG including games village, stadia, hospital, media centre etc.. should be a part of Indian International Sports University, New Delhi.

2. The University should award degree of MA (in field) for gold medallists, BA (in field) for Silver and IA (in field) for Bronze in CWG 2010 game, irrespective of the nationality of sportsmen.

3. This University shall act as nodal agency for nourishing sportsmen across the country, and affiliate the institutions with stadia and hospitals, trainers and coaches, across the India.

4. The University should award MA, BA, IA degrees for sports in different field, on the basis of annual competition, and international records. Students shall get formal and informal education on health care, mental fitness, best practices (including adverse effects of doping), and competitive and team spirit and leadership.

5. This University is an institution with world class facility, shall keep holding future CWG, Asiad, Olympics, and ideas of private branded of games, in addition to its regular annual university events. The income from these international and national events shall finance the infrastructure and operational costs.

6. The students with degree of this University shall be mentally and physically fit, and be also good in competitive and team spirit and leadership. Most of these will be sought after by recruiters from state police, private/government security services, Indian military, and in corporations. Some of those can wish to take it as career of sportsmen, and earn livelihood by bid for international awards in Olympic, CWG and Asiad etc..

7. This is a right time that congress leadership can take this decision, because Delhi and centre governments, both have Congress leadership. It may be politically correct to give this University name of Rajiv, Indira, or JawaarLal so that the opposition to it from Congress is minimized who would not like University idea.

This is very important that the corrupt government officers and petty politicians, are some how not allowed to take an advantage of the 'system' and plunder CWG village facility for own benefits. If that is allowed to happen, this becomes 'Common Wealth Games' understood as Fun (Games) with Public (Common) Money (Wealth).

May God Bless You. I hope, you can do a lot being at seat of Indian Education Minister; and if you are an honest person, at least you will raise hands by this idea.

With best regards
K G Misra

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